Technology Paralysis

I’ve been suffering from technology paralysis lately…a term I use for the inability to buy new technology as you’re not entirely sure what you want it for (and don’t want to buy something that rapidly becomes redundant).

The problem is that my laptop is now at least 5 years old and giving every sign of giving up the ghost… most worryingly the hard drive starts it do a repetitive clicking followed by a total freeze. Even my 6 year old has begun to recognise the strange blue screen of no-drive-found.


But what to replace it with? Do people use laptops any more? Has it all gone to tablets? Or do I want to go grunty desktop with sexy large screen for my ever-deteriorating eyes?

My (rare) spare time has been (begrudgingly) wasted on wandering around retail stores looking at all the options. At one point I was convinced that desktop plus tablet would do and headed off to make the purchase only to spot a flaw in the plan and head home empty-handed.

It’s too cold in winter to be stuck at a desk in the office, much better to have something that can be positioned by the fire… my office doubles as a guest room and I would have no access to my computer in such a scenario… laptops are still pretty grunty and it could sit in my office while still being relatively transportable to avoid cold & guests…maybe I should lease rather than buy so I can write off the expense and not lose the capital in an asset that never retains value… etc etc

And while I’m a big fan of technology, I’m not a big fan of shopping… so much time spent doing nothing… unless you impulse spend and live with (possible) regret.

Anyways, after looking at every option I have finally made a tiny (piecemeal) step away from the paralysis and got me a tablet… it’s what I’m writing this on.

I had been going the iPad way (but dislike their many limitations), then Android Samsung tablet (way too many options), but have ended up with a sexy wee Surface 2…mainly as a friend has one, raves about it, and it ticks all my boxes (transportable, rugged, expandable memory, USB etc etc). But most of all, it’s the deliciously soft keyboard cover which means I don’t have to type on unresponsive glass. I have blogged on my iPhone (it was my most-viewed blog)… great for on-the-go but just way too tiny… and glass. This, I am hoping, will let me blog when out-and-about without getting ultra-RSI text thumbs/fingers.

I guess we shall see. Now, what to do about the dying laptop…


1 thought on “Technology Paralysis

  1. Becca Joyce

    Gosh, I know what you mean about technology paralysis. I’ve beaten it by buying everything Apple and wearing blinkers whenever I go into Noel Leeming. Loving my new iPad Air, but that Surface looks like a sweet little number too. Good one!


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